Thursday, June 3, 2010

Introducing a New Service just for YOU!!
Turn any of your digital photos into Custom Canvas Prints.

All we need is your High Resolution Digital Image. You can email
Your .jpeg file directly to us or bring in a disk.
Select your Canvas Size, Canvas Style and Border (optional).
You will pre-pay for your order. It takes 2-3 Weeks for processing.
Shipping is additional, but all shipping is estimated at $15.00


If you have ever priced canvas prints with your photographer you
Know these are great prices.


Shannon Lavenia said...


I stopped in your store today and am very excited about scrapbooking and creating a scrapbook of my pregnancy for my baby girl, due 10/10. I've never scrapbooked before and when you walk into a store such as yours it's rather overwhelming because I don't know what I need to start...there's so many choices. I asked the woman at the counter if there was a beginning scrapbooking class and she said "no, there's nothing for beginners or that teaches how to start scrapbooking" other than a class on Wed where I could make a page (not sure what that means). I wandered around the store for about 10 minutes but didn't feel welcomed or helped and certainly didn't know what to buy. I left and went to Michael's where I found the assistance I was needing and spent close to $200.00 to buy some basic items, a book, some stamps, etc. I'm a marketing and business consultant. To expand your business I would recommend inviting new people, such as myself, to learn how to scrapbook which would lead to increased sales, interest, etc. I drove all the way from the northeast side to your store and would have been happy to spend my money there had I been helped or assisted. Perhaps I should have asked some more, but when an employee sees a customer aimlessly wandering a store, it's good protocol to have them ask if they need help.

Pages In Progress said...


We read your comment and feel bad that you did not get the help that you needed yesterday. Please call the store and ask for Terri or email us at so that we can discuss this further. In these times we realize how important it is to have good customer service and would like to invite you to have a better experience.